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Microplastics in the Nissan River

Updated: Apr 16

Microplastic contamination is an emergent threat that is still only little researched and understood. At the University, we have supervised a number of Bachelor and master students that have examined the distribution of microplastics from different sources, in the aquatic environment.

Currently, we are about to embark on a project to investigate the distribution, concentration, origin and potential impact of microplastics downstream in the Nissan River. As the image below illustrates most of the plastics found in river sediment are of a particular shape and size. We hypothesize that these are of point-source origin.

During a dry period in summer 2021 we are planning to sample the river, its reservoir, Jakobssjö, and its delta at Halmstad with the help of MSc Environmental Toxicology student Matyas Baan. During the 2021/22 academic year first phase of the project will focus on assessing the microplastic contamination of these water bodies while the subsequent stages will investigate the potential impact of this through studies on fish and invertebrates.

For more information on the project contact Matyas Baan at

Plastics in the sediment of Jakobssjö, a reservoir of the Nissan River

The Nissan River in Västerhavet Water District, SW Sweden

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